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"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it."   - William Arthur Ward


Raise money for medical treatments, emergency procedures, medications, therapy and almost any other need with no advertising popping up in your face. FREE. Whether it's for you, a loved one or friend, makes People Helping People easy to raise money, advice or inspirations when you need help or for paying for health, medical and living expenses or just a kind word or helpful advice. We all know our new healthcare bill needs it's tweaks but we must not forget the people that fell through the cracks of this new system until those tweaks have been made. Have a heart and help someone today.

Want to volunteer on our site? We are looking for writers, bloggers, twitters and re-tweeters.  Contact us here

We are NOT like all those other sites, We do not force feed campaigns of people that not longer need help. If you truly want to help people - Let's get started now!

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For Rent: Roommate wanted - Fort Lauderdale East Side for $600.00 $400.00  per month
Why? Close to shopping mall, beach, us1 and the bus lines
Room mate wanted - Fort Lauderdale East Side. $400 a month plus 1/2 utilities. Close to shopping mall, beach, us1 and the bus lines.
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Making the impossible possible the word itself says im possible! Music is where i can express my thoughts and feelings and hopefully inspire others to do better.  Follow and subscribe to my sites her…
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nashville, United States
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4 hours ago · From brittanybaker
Featured Video - A Better Man (Levitation)

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Venus's trine to Saturn beckons us to take our artistic talent more seriously. Studying with a teacher or devoting more time to practice can yield impressive results. - Youtube Videos by Kelli Fox,
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Please donate to Meals on feet program - feeding the homeless in Broward County one person ata time. We are looking for funds to continue feeding homeless people in our city. We put together MRE meal…
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Help Support our website. You can make a difference. Donate to our campaign or volunteer today. Help someone or be a hero and join our site free. We help raise money for medical treatments,…
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Donate to our campaign for Anthony or join our campaign. Please help Anthony. He can barely walk. As most of you know he has been battling extreme pain due to medical issues for a long time now. The p…
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20 days ago · From Linda
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